Vegan Goes to Supreme Court to Stop Neighbors From Grilling

An Australian vegan is going to the Australian Supreme Court in her bid to force her neighbors to stop grilling meat and fish in their own backyards.

Cilla Carden went to court claiming the meat smells were destroying her quality of life.

However, lower courts threw out her complaints saying the neighbors were well within their rights to enjoy their property.

Carden is not giving up and plans to continue the legal assault on her neighbors meat eating.

Carnivores fought back as they organized a BBQ outside the vegan’s home. Nearly 3,000 people responded to the event.

The BBQ was called off when Carden threatened organizers with legal action.

Yet another front is opened in the legal warfare against traditional life choices like eating meat and fish. Who knows when the first wafting smells lawsuit will hit the U.S. but it can’t be too far away.

In fact, several 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates attacked meat in the recent “climate change” debate.

Andrew Yang cited a United Nations study positing the world would halt climate change if the majority of the world went vegetarian.

“It’s good for the environment, it’s good for your health if you eat less meat,” he said.

Yang explained meat was “expensive” environmentally to produce and also unhealthy.

So not only are they coming for your guns, but they are coming for your t-bones and cheeseburgers.