Man brings emotional support clown to meeting about his firing

When Joshua Jack got an email from his employer saying they needed to discuss his future with the company, he figured it wasn’t to make him CEO.

The message reminded him that under New Zealand law he could bring someone as “emotional support.”

He hired a clown.

The clown made balloon animals as Jack’s bosses explained to him he was being fired, though he had to stop when executives complained about the squeaking rubber.

He even mimed crying as the company handed Jack formal notice of his firing.

The bosses thought the “emotional support clown” was unusual, but appreciated Jack lightening the mood.  “I mean he was one of the best clowns in all Auckland so they were getting something of a free service,” said Jack.

Jack has since found another job at a different ad agency, though he did not hire a clown for the interview.

Give the man credit. Nowadays people would show up with their Mom, sobbed through the whole thing, then sued for emotional distress.