SAS officer kills five jihadis with a shotgun in seven seconds

A British SAS officer armed with a shotgun took out five ISIS fighters in seven seconds in a raid on a terrorist bomb factory.

The unnamed officer was leading a dawn raid on the ISIS bombmaking facility outside of Baghdad, Iraq, acting on a tip received the previous night that a suicide bombing was planned for that day.

The successful operation was part of a covert mission that took place on an ISIS outpost in Baghdad, Iraq.  Working with Iraq’s special forces, MI6 agents had identified the building as a suspected bomb factory used by the terror group, from which militants would carry out attacks.

Leading a 12-man team, the officer burst into the facility, breaking through a doorway into a small courtyard.

He found himself just feet away from the ISIS fighters.

Unfortunately for the team, the terrorists were loading weapons into a truck at the time, meaning they were armed and had other weapons within reach.

That’s when the team leader, carrying a Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun used to blow open door locks, leaped into action. (See video above for how the Bennelli performs.)

He “opened fire with a shotgun and shot dead three before they could get a shot off,” an unnamed source tells the Daily Star.

“Another two terrorists appeared from a building and he neutralized them as well,” the source added.

Using a shotgun at point-blank range had the desired effect.

“Several other terrorists emerged from the building but immediately surrendered and began panicking as two of the bodies didn’t have heads – they thought they were about to be executed,” the Daily Star reported.

Two of the terrorists were wearing explosive vests loaded with ball bearings, meaning the team intercepted and neutralized them just minutes before they were set to carry out the attack.

The Ministry of Defence does not comment on special forces operations.