VIDEO: Woman Has LIVE Cockroach Removed from Ear

Warning: this is not for the squeamish.

A Vietnamese woman went to the hospital with a pain in her ear.

The doctor was surprised to see a live cockroach burrowing into her ear canal. The bug was stuck because it’s body was too big to fit.

You can watch as the insect is removed . . . in pieces.

We wondered how often this happens – turns out it’s all the time! Check out this on the termites blog.

Can a Cockroach get in your ear? The answer is YES, they do! The Cockroaches are known for crawling into the ears of people quite often. According to a study that was done between 2001 and 2003, cockroaches do this more than most other bugs.

Cockroaches are not crawling in ears because they want to hurt you. They are just looking for a nice place to settle. Cockroaches like to squeeze into tiny spaces in order to retreat. They particularly like dark places to explore at night, which gives them the perfect opportunity to crawl into the ears of humans while they’re sleeping on their beds.

Symptoms of Cockroach in The Ear

When you have a strange object in the ear canal, like a cockroach, then it will certainly feel uncomfortable. You may also have trouble hearing things out of that ear too. If the cockroach injures the eardrum or ear canal, you will feel pain in that ear as well. Sometimes the outer ear canal may even get infected, causing a ringing in that ear or a dry cough that is ongoing. If you are awake when the cockroach enters your ear canal, you should hear a buzzing and feel some kind of tickling sensation. But this tickle won’t last long because a bite or stinging feeling in the ear canal may follow.