Woman stabbed in church by notorious anti-fur radical

An Ohio animal rights activist has been arrested and charged for an insane rampage in which she stabbed a woman in a church over fur-style boots.

Meredith Lowell, 35, stabbed and slashed the victim, who was dropping kids off at for choir practice, after seeing what appeared to be fur on the victim’s boots.

Lowell was tackled by church members who risked their lives to stop the liberal terrorist attack. The victim suffered stab wounds to her arm and abdomen and will recover.

The fur was not real. Lowell lives near the attack site, Cleveland Heights’ Fairmount Presbyterian Church.

She has been charged with felony assault and attempted murder.

This is not Lowell’s first arrest for liberal terrorism. In 2012 she made national headlines for attempting to hire an assassin to kill people she saw wearing fur, including children on playgrounds.

Lowell, using an alias, posted announcements on Facebook that she was seeking to pay hit men to kill fur wearers.

“I would like to create an online community on facebook which would allow me to find someone who is willing to kill someone who is wearing fur toward the end of October 2011 or early November 2011 or possibly in January 2012 or February 2012 at the latest,” she posted.

CBS News reported that when an undercover FBI employee answered her ad, she “offered him $730 in jewelry or cash for the killing of a victim of at least 12 years but ‘preferably 14 years old or older’ outside a library near a playground in her hometown.”

“You need to bring a gun that has a silencer on it and that can be easily concealed in your pants pocket or coat. … If you do not want to risk the possibility of getting caught with a gun before the job, bring a sharp knife that is (at least) 4 inches long, it should be sharp enough to stab someone and/or slit their throat to kill them. I want the person to be dead in less than 2 minutes,” she said in an email to the undercover FBI employee.

She told the informant she wanted to be there to witness the slaughter so she could then flyer the murder scene with pamphlets on her animal rights beliefs.

Lowell was charged with one count of solicitation to commit murder, but those charges were dismissed because she was found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

She was charged in January 2019 for a felony assault in nearby University Heights in which she attacked a woman with a knife. Lowell was ordered to surrender a Swiss Army knife and undergo psychiatric treatment.