Cat With Two Heads Born in Thailand

A rare two-headed cat was born this week in Ratchaburi, central Thailand.

According to the Daily Mirror:

Owner, Chabaprai Nilpet, 52, said she returned from work and found her Persian cat, Snow, in labour but struggling to give birth to the last kitten.

She rushed her beloved pet cat to the veterinary clinic where it underwent a cesarean section to safely bring the two-headed female kitten into the world.

The vets had to give the struggling kittens CPR but they survived well enough for Chabaprai to take them home.

Chabaprai has given the ”lucky” two-headed kitten two names – Ngern and Thong, which mean money and gold respectively.

The cat lover said that the kitten was so frail that she has to use a syringe to feed both heads as they cannot not drink by themselves.

Chabaprai has vowed to try and keep the kittens alive.