Making 3-D firearms off the internet. 2SA or irresponsible and illegal?


These guys (and they are guys) operate an online 3-D printing firearms site. Deterrence Dispensed was formed because Defense Distributed’s release of 3D printed gun files was ended by the lawsuits of multiple pro-gun control states.

So, a decentralized organization was created. Since its inception, Deterrence Dispensed has been releasing open-source firearms knowledge to the public sphere and will continue to do so indefinitely.

It contains files for printing extra-long magazines, full- assault and other frowned-upon firearms, parts, and accessories. Including an AR-15. And as can be seen below, a taunting link to making a rifle full-auto, which is illegal.

What’s your opinion – are they wrong or right? Should we be able to print firearms “off the books?”