Have You Heard of The Special Forces Ghost Car That Operated in Bosnia?


How an American muscle car became a wartime hero

In the early 1990s, a former Danish special forces soldier felt a calling from God to go to Bosnia and provide humanitarian aid during the Bosnian War.

Amazingly, with the help of the US Army, he was able to fulfill that mission, driving through dangerous conditions to deliver relief to citizens of the war-torn country with only his Bible and a tricked-out Camaro – the Ghost Car.

The car had kevlar panels, steel-plated windows, steel underside to protect the drivetrain, infra-red-absorbing paint, run-flat tyres, heat detection, night vision and nitrous. A mine-clearing blade. The original 5.7- litre V8 Camaro was tuned from 185hp to 220hp, and when nitrous was applied, the output increased to 440hp. But no guns for “God’s Rambo.”