OMG! How stupid are these people?


Mike Bloomberg spent at least $7.7 million per delegate. In theory, if only he had spent $15.8 billion (one fourth of his fortune), he might have won the 1991 delegates needed for the Democratic nomination. See that, we did some math!

Now watch this train wreck from MSNBC. How many people sourced, wrote, edited, read out and analyzed this BS before it went on air? Dear God but they’re thick!

I spent election night calculating how much Bloomberg could have blown on each voter and by eliminating conservatives, under-age voters and felons I came up with about enough for a $5 Starbucks gift card for all his potential voters.

But on MSNBC – they’re going with enough for a luxury mansion!

Why would be listen to these people on anything serious? Climate change? Energy? Defense? Enough with “feelings” – how about some reading, writing and arithmetic?!