How these tragic Kennedy deaths remind us to have a float plan.

Amid the COVID-19 media blitz you may have missed the sad news that disaster has yet again struck the Kennedy family. Maeve Kennedy McKean and her son Gideon, set off in a canoe/kayak to retrieve a beachball that was drifting away from them and never returned. This occurred in choppy waters in Chesapeake Bay, Md. on April 2nd, in the grounds of her mother, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a former Maryland lieutenant governor and eldest daughter of the late U.S. Attorney General and U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

Obviously, this was a spur of the moment launch but it made us want to share this PSA from our great friend Lawton Clites, outdoorsman, potter, archer and good shot. He reminds us that water – any water – is dangerous and that we should have a float plan in place before we leave shore. And if you’re ever in Fredericksburg, VA swing by River Rock Outfitters – it’s a fabulous local store.

This tip brought to you by Lawton from the beautiful Rappahannock River! When you’re out paddling it’s important that you create a float plan. It’s simple and should include:
?Where you’re going
?How long you will be gone
?Color of your kayak and your clothes 
?What you’re driving
?Any medical issues
Give this plan to a responsible person. Should you not return home then it will make it easier for rescue personnel to find you and help.