How to build a rope-making machine with hardware store parts – and how to make rope


Rope is made by twisting or braiding multiple strands or yarns together to form a stronger and more durable material. Rope has long been an extremely important tool for humans, as it’s used for tying, binding, pulling, dragging, and lifting.

The art of making rope is very old, but today, many people would much rather go to a hardware or outdoor store and purchase a length of rope than make it by hand, but it’s nonetheless a very useful skill to have.

Rope can be made by hand or with the help of a machine, and it can be constructed from many materials, such as natural plant fibers, plastic, paper, strings, wires, or basically anything else that can be cut into strips.

 Rope can be made from a large number of materials, many of which you may have lying around the house, yard, or campsite. Depending on what you have available to you, you can make rope from:

  • Plant fibers like grass, hemp, flax, straw, bark, nettles, yucca, and any other fibrous or vine-like plant.[1]
  • Twine, string, thread, or even dental floss.
  • Plastic bags or paper, shredded into strips.

There’s a great step-by-step guide to making rope by hand here.