Always scoffed at .22 long rifle ammo? But have a touch of arthritis? Watch and learn!

There’s a lot of swagger about caliber out there says, reader Hugh. “Never go smaller than .380”, “Mouse guns are a joke” and such. But as he pointed out to me, the Mossad thinks differently about the lowly .22 LR.  And lots of folks out there have arthritis or hand injuries and even a mild .38 SPL or 9mm is a burden.

With America getting greyer by the minute, easy to rack pistols and the .22 LR merit another look.

Testing the theory
Relying on a .22 for self-defense isn’t something everyone is comfortable with. But for those who are, it’s not always clear which load to choose for this role. Our most recent batch of ballistic gelatin testing included both .22 LR and .22 Magnum with 2 and 4-inch barrels.

Watch Lucky Gunner take a closer look at those test results and making a few recommendations for the best self-defense loads for handguns in these popular rimfire calibers.