Nurse shows how to make mask with 99.5% filtration efficiency – make yours using this FREE pattern!

Nurse Tommye Austin is sharing her pattern and step-by-step instructions for making a mask with up to 97.8% filtration efficiency.

She bought some air conditioner filters from a local hardware store and began sandwiching pieces of the filters between layers of surgical draping. After experimenting with the components and adding a piece of metal that creates a snug fit across the bridge of the nose, Austin had a design that’s ready for prime time.

Materials Needed
  • Cotton weave fabric or surgical drape
  • AC Filter material with a MERV rating of >13 or better
  • All-purpose thread
  • Bobbin thread
  • 1/8 inch elastic (20 inches per mask)
  • Scissors
  • Swimmer’s tape
  1. Cut two 12 x12 pieces of AC filter material with a Merv rating of 13 or higher. Cut two pieces of 1/8 inch elastic: neck piece is 8 inches and head pieces is 10 inches. Please measure your head and neck if you want a tighter seal.
  2. Fold the 12 x 12 inch square of fabric in half.
  3. Fold Fabric 1 inch upward on each side to create air pocket. This fold creates the air pocket that allows the user to breathe better and avoid carbon dioxide build up.
  4. Measure mask across the face from cheek to cheek and mark.
  5. Press down seams at top of mask for ½ inches
  6. Trim edges across the top of the mask
  7. Insert metal nose piece and stitch it in place.
  8. Stitch each end elastic to each corner at the top of the mask. Stitch all layers together using a straight stitch. The filter material should be sandwiched between layers of the cotton fabric or surgical drape.

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TM_2020_PATTERN_4-17-2020 by Julie Moreno on Scribd

TM_2020_PATTERN_4-17-2020 by Julie Moreno on Scribd