Chinese infiltration of US schools, media, business, government agencies now complete.

Chinese Propaganda Outlet Has Paid US Newspapers $19 Million for Advertising, Printing

One of China’s main propaganda outlets has paid American newspapers nearly $19 million for advertising and printing expenses over the past four years, according to documents filed with the Justice Department.

China Daily, an English-language newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, has paid more than $4.6 million to The Washington Post and nearly $6 million to The Wall Street Journal since November 2016, the records show. (The Daily Caller)

Video conferencing software company Zoom has admitted that it suspended the accounts of users in the United States and Hong Kong at the request of the Chinese government, and that it intends to add the ability to block or remove meeting participants from mainland China. (

Meanwhile, more than 100 U.S. universities have failed to disclose foreign donations from the Chinese government, meaning the Chinese Communist Party has a bigger influence on our nation’s colleges and universities than we know. (Daily Wire)

An analysis from The Washington Free Beacon found that the more than 100 universities that currently host or have hosted Confucius Institutes, which are programs developed by the Chinese government to teach American students about Chinese culture and the language.

While the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of our universities (IP theft), scientific institutions (fake research/IP theft), social Media (bots) and technical and financial support of terrorist organizations is now undeniable we are still uncovering more and more internal corruption. Look at this. Some 54 scientists have resigned or been fired as a result of an ongoing investigation by the National Institutes of Health into the failure of NIH grantees to disclose financial ties to foreign governments. In 93% of those cases, the hidden funding came from a Chinese institution. (