Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen

This is taken from the website The Red Elephants.

They have run the numbers and eluded that it is statistically impossible for Wisconsin and Mchigan to have flipped to Joe Biden in the manner it did – following mysterious 4am ballots drops.

Statistical Impossibilities in Wisconsin and Michigan: 

In both Michigan and Wisconsin, several vote dumps occurred at approximately 4am on Wednesday morning, which showed that Joe Biden received almost 100 percent of the votes. President Trump was leading by hundreds of thousands of votes in both states as America went to sleep, and turnout in the state of Wisconsin seems to be particularly impossible.

The voter turnout in Wisconsin apparently annihilated the historical record of 66.8% by almost 30 percentage points.

Statistical analysts have noted that this 5-point deviation was not only a statistical improbability, but a virtual statistical impossibility.

The odds of this occurring are 0.00000189% or 1 in 52,910,052.

Go to their site and read more about this very, very alarming data.

Meanwhile, there’s a national Twitter campaign to #StopTheSteal and people from all over the country are participating.

And today, people are gathering at Capitol buildings across the nation to protest the election corruption and possible theft of office for Donald Trump. To find out more go to their website.

Oh, and breaking news from the toughest lawyer in America, Sydney Powell:

Former federal prosecutor, Sidney Powell, just dropped an atom bomb on voter fraud claims coming out of key battle ground states.

According to Powell, there’s evidence that two software programs were used either in error or intentionally to alter the election in Biden’s favor.