A Reader Writes: Is this a ‘Dave’ situation?

A reader who is trained in facial recognition wrote me to say he believes that these photos are impossible. That one of these people is not Biden. If you look at photos of Biden in 2016, he says, his ear lobes dangle. In more recent photos, his ear lobes are attached, or “angled.” As our ear lobes do not change over the span of a life time he called it out. He is not alone. A quick search of the interwebs reveals many people questioning the difference. What do you think? Tinfoil hat conspiracy or did art predict life when Kevin Kline became the President for his doppleganger in the movie Dave?

Biden’s ear lobes are causing a stir

And it’s not just his earlobes. His signature is also causing concern to some. According to a man who says he’s a pharmacist who has been trained to recognize fake doctors’ signatures, he believes Jill Biden might be signing Executive Orders for her husband. Look at the images below and decide for yourself.

Screenshot of the Biden’s signatures
Recent signature on an Executive Order. (Who wrote that ‘B’?)