WATCH: $700 Ferragamo Loafers Are Professionally Restored (and resole yours for pennies!)

Heath Potter is a professional cobbler and cofounder of Potter and Sons. He demonstrates how he restores a pair of $700 Ferragamo loafers. The loafers have significantly worn out and have a hole through the bottom. Repairing them will include replacing the soles and heels, cleaning, and stitching the shoe back together.

While we’re all a long way from Heath’s standards, it’s useful to see how we could perform basic repairs if the circumstances demanded. Our future is far from certain – and while we currently live with a surplus of everything – history shows us how fast a civilization can collapse if left in the wrong hands or afflicted with poor weather. Both of these scenarios are foreseeable right now. So learn some new skills. Check your toolkit is pristine and complete. Sharpen everything. And learn the basics. Here’s a great make-do using car tires for soles. Dan used a jig saw with a metal-cutting blade, Shoe Goo, and a dozen or so clamps to put a new sole on these boots. Imagine how many miles you’d walk in these!