“Shocked” D.C. Dem Carjacked at Gunpoint

Democrat D.C. Council Candidate Nate Fleming claimed he was ‘angry and embarrassed’ after being the victim of a carjacking in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

If a local says he’s shocked to be jacked at gun point in DC – he’s lying. It’s an everyday occurrence in this violence-riddled city.

As The Hill reports:

In a  statement  issued Saturday, Fleming said he was about to leave a gas station when four men in an SUV pulled up to his car. They jumped out and pointed a gun at him, demanding his car keys.

The D.C. police said the suspects are four black men who were driving a black BMW 328i with Virginia tags, Wtop News  reported .

“I’m shocked, angry, and a bit embarrassed,” Fleming said. “To be threatened at gunpoint is extremely shocking, but sadly I am not surprised to have been attacked given the crisis we are facing with carjackings and violence in general in our city.”

“The police responded to this incident quickly and professionally, but we must put our force in [a position] to be more preventive of these types of crimes through stronger, community-based policing,” Fleming said.

Which is interesting as Muriel Bowser, the Democrat mayor of Washington DC, once embraced the entire “defund the police” rhetoric that was infecting America during 2020.

It was so much a part of DC that, when a BLM mural was painted, “defund the police” was boldly added to it as well.

Bowser seemed to have no problem with it back then, even saying, “We certainly are very proud of the D.C. mural that we commissioned in our department of public works and local artists installed. It is an affirmative piece of art, a centering piece of art where people from around the globe have called us and thanked us for acknowledging black humanity and black lives in the most important city in the world, and we are very proud of that art.

Hmmmm, make up your minds Democrats. Oh, wait you did? You want 170 more officers? Good luck with that. No one wants to work there. Regular police levels are down. And on the Hill, it’s dire.

The union that represents U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) officers objected to their new chief’s new plan to hire security guards to fill positions left empty by the wave of officers who have left since the Capitol riot, but job advertisements posted on New Year’s Day make it look like the proposal is already a done deal.

USCP Chief Thomas Manger told FOX News on Sunday morning about his new plan to contract with security guards to fill secondary posts that have always been patrolled by police officers in the past, such as parking garages.