Ottawa – A Tale of Two Cities and the Fight for Liberty

The ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests against COVID-19 vaccination mandates and other public health measures have caused gridlock downtown and some headaches for Ottawa residents and business owners. The authorities are scrambling to cope and hitting roadblocks (pun intended) all the time. In an attempt to end the outpouring of support from a particularly draconian city, the media is spreading Nazi misinformation. They are also complaining about a building the truckers have constructed. (See why below) But the locals are coming through for the truckers and it’s very gratifying to see how they are giving practical support to these ant-mandate heroes.

The left is trying hard to scare up the populace by saying the truckers are a Nazi group and have Confederate flags and swastikas. Almost all of the images that purport to back up the presence of extremists look staged. From Twitter:

@CBC up to their tricks, pay a kid $50 bucks to hold this flag so I can delegitimise this protest” went one tweet. Another person commented there were “more Canadian flags than on Canada Day”. Also: “Funny that you can only find that one pic of them, clearly not near the crowd. Almost like it was a photo op. Also if they were with the rest of the crowd, I’m sure they would have a wake up call. But keep believing what you see.”

Meanwhile the locals are reacting

And in answer to the leftist racists who drag out the old “buUuTt wHaT iF ThiS wAs AbOuT ThE IndiGenOus?

Just as Ottawa police started ticketing trucker convoy protesters, the volunteer lawyers showed up. Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms hit the ground to represent the demonstrators.

And the truckers? They’re building a soup kitchen for the poor and homeless.