BEIJING ROUND-UP: We’re not watching the Genocide Games – but we can read tea leaves and spot “useful idiots”.

Using the Uyghurs as a cynical prop during the opening ceremony was beyond contempt for this Christian. I’m not watching these Olympics as a small personal statement (I love the Winter Games) but I saw this on a tweet: Savannah Guthrie called a Uyghur co-lighting the Olympic flame, “an in-your-face response to those Western nations, including the U.S., who have called this Chinese treatment of that group genocide and diplomatically boycotted these games.” She’s a useful idiot. Meanwhile, Putin and Xi wait these games out while both eye countries to invade. Putin, Ukraine; Xi, Taiwan. Kelly

HIGHLIGHTS of VIDEO BELOW: The Olympic Flame is lit in Beijing in a disgusting hypocritical move, condemned by Uyghurs in exile. But this year, the world is focusing on more than just what’s happening inside the city’s stadium.

Russia’s president is in Beijing for the opening of the Winter Olympics. But while there, he met in person with Chinese leader Xi Jinping for the first time in two years. Let’s see think what they might have discussed knowing the weakest leader in US history inhabits the White House.

India announces a last-minute diplomatic boycott of the Olympics—but for a different reason than most. Beijing selected a Chinese commander to be an Olympic torchbearer—despite the man’s role in deadly border clashes with India.

The House passes a bill to help the United States compete with China. But it remains to be seen how Washington plans to hold Beijing accountable. Pelosi warned athletes of a risk from the Chinese authorities. This follows in the wake of warnings to use old-style burner phones with no identifying information that could be used against them or the USA.

An old video clip triggers outrage online and revives debate over a crime going back decades in China. A suspected victim of bride trafficking, one woman is found chained inside a shed.

After seeing the incident below broadcast on a national TV station on Holland, the USA Olympic team should have packed their bags and gone home. The IOC was quick to call this an “isolated” incident, we should pull out of their corrupt set-up as well.

Oh, and what do you think the Chinese athletes are eating?