The greater good – or a grander evil?


I hope you can read this article in the Australian Spectator. Register for 3 Free ones if that’s what it takes. This is the best thing I have read to-date on what is actually going on. You may wonder why I focus on Canada and Australia so much – it’s because if it wasn’t for our Constitution and the enumerated rights contained within it we could be vessels of the state. Bad as Biden is, he is not as evil as the depots like Dan Andrews and Justin Trudeau.

These were the governments that decided they had to solve all our problems, and as they failed, took greater and greater liberties with our freedoms. In Australia and Canada the people have had enough. But in Australia the government only backed down AFTER their police had fired live rounds at peaceful protesters, and in Canada, after the truckers took matters into their own hands.

As Alexandra Marshall (@ellymelly on Twitter) says:

When civilisation gives up on moral principle and decides to try out ‘moral outcomes’ it leads the government to view individuals as subservient to the collective. Their rights and safety can be ignored so long as the ‘greater good’ is being served. Once the individual is no longer sovereign, any group desire can justify the abuse of rights until citizens become nothing more than depersoned identities. This is the idea that sits at the heart of every collectivist regime and we have seen it quietly gaining popularity within a range of activist movements.

…For thousands of years, Western Civilisation has rejected the ‘greater good’ in favour of individual supremacy. It is only through enshrining the safety and liberty of each member of society – rich or poor – that society has flourished. Respecting the individual, by proxy, creates respect for society at large. While it is not a perfect solution, it has proven enticing enough that people run from collectivist regimes toward the safety of Western democracy. Even liberty’s critics must admit that whatever is going on here is desirable when compared to alternative systems.