How long can they prop him up?

AF Branco: Barry’s 3rd Term

Whatever is going on in Joe’s head, and it can’t be that much as he appears visibly confused a lot of the time, the real story here is that the Dems have drafted in Obama for his poise and ego and relegated the Kacklin’ Veep and POTUS to the sidelines. The polls are terrible for both and they are dragging down the Democrat’s October House race numbers faster than Hunter can inhale a crack pipe.

People are talking about the 25th Amendment. This allows the vice president and a majority of the cabinet to inform the House of Representatives and Senate that the president is unfit to carry out his duties through a written declaration. This would enable the vice president to assume power as acting president. Here’s Tucker on the topic.

When asked about it, Senator Ted Cruz was against the idea. “I think the threshold for the 25th Amendment is really damn high. And it’s particularly damn high when the voters were on notice of the impairment and elected him anyway.”

“I would be hesitant to go down that road of the 25th Amendment. I think it’s dangerous as hell,” Cruz added.

“I think having a president in office who is less than fully aware of what’s going on. Who our enemies believe is less than fully aware of what’s going on, who our friends believe is less than fully aware of what’s going on, who everybody believes is, to a significant degree, out of it—that’s a real problem,” the senator said.