Diapers can help your plants grow- And no it’s not gross!


If you’re a keen gardener but don’t always have time to water quite as often as you’d like to. Or if you live somewhere dry and arid, this commonly available gel solution is the answer for you. Make hydro-gel from the biodegradeable, non-polluting crystals found in diapers of all sizes.

These crystals are hydrophilic, or water-loving polymers. Natural polymers such as cotton fibers are hydrophilic. The polymer found in a diaper is an example of a synthetic, hydrophilic polymer and it’s able to reduce the amount of time that is spent watering a lawn, a garden, or even a house plant by 50 to 80 percent.

Super absorbent crystals like the ones in diapers are sold at lawn and garden centers under trade names including HydroSource or SoilMoist.

Today, super absorbent polymers are widely used in such applications as forestry, gardening, and landscaping as a means of conserving water. The crystals can store water in the soil and then release it as plants need it. While we consider water-absorbing polymers to be a modern convenience, the impact that this technology is having on parts of the world that are plagued by drought is intense.

Check out this video for some amazing plant and seedling tips that are useful for indoor and outdoor gardening.