Legendary Tangkalaluk 30ft Indonesian Python found dead

A massive python was allegedly burned to death in a forest fire in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Singapore has been blanketed in a stifling haze as a result of recent forest fires in Indonesia. Many animals lost their homes, and some perished in the fires. Tragically for the local ecosystem, many animals died including massive snakes. Some of these snakes were huge and could reportedly swallow goats and cattle whole. They measured up to 10 meters (32 feet) in length and 20 centimeters (7.8 inches) in diameter.

A Facebook user named Johan Michael Median Pasha posted a photo of what looks to be a giant python discovered burnt beyond recognition in a Kalimantan jungle.

This specific python species is known as the ‘Indonesian Anaconda,’ according to the non-profit animal protection charity Garda Satwa Foundation although it’s actually a python. Locals refer to it as the “Tangkaluk,” which translates to “King of Snakes.”

From the Facebook translation for the post:
Forest fire in CENTRAL KALIMANTAN AND RIAU PROVINCES makes us sad.. so so so sad including me? I’m one of many people who really LOVE AND CARE NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF ANIMALS..This is one of a kind of snake or can be called INDONESIA ANACONDA or the DAYAK TRIBE PEOPLE IN THE KALIMANTAN FOREST call it: Tangkalaluk / Phyton King of the Jungle Snake Forest of the Kalimantan Jungle Jungle, in the past where in search of ma ngsa: like boar, deer, branch tigers and other large animals, predators of leprosy can imitates the sound of a deer, a hunter or a bird’s sound in attracting its prey). his head hangs below while his tail is tied up in a big tree to eat its prey.. And now the burn to ashes. I just saw it and I’ve been curious about this creature for years.. I think this is astral or invisible creature. although often told verbally from the Dayak tribe in the inland of Kalimantan Forest. And it turns out it’s actually still there and can be seen? the physical form of the legendary Python snake which was told to be the giant of the Oracle there is a similarity to the Anaconda that exists in the Amazon TROPICAL FOREST (BRAZIL) And now we see All that Tangkalaluk is dead as a result of the burning of the Kalimantan forest ..