Title IX Change Reverses 50 Years of Women’s Progress in Stroke of Biden’s Pen


President Biden moves to remove Title IX rights for women in favor of gender identity protections making  it a Title IX violation for schools to prohibit biological men from receiving women’s scholarships or participating in women’s activities. Title IX, enacted 50 years ago today in 1972, was intended to curb sex-based discrimination against women at universities.

Yet on the anniversary, Biden’s Department of Education under education secretary Miguel Cardona has released a proposal for changes to Title IX which includes erasing biological sex from issues of sex discrimination. The proposal would conflate protections for biological sex with gender identity, and see no differentiation between the two, say postmillennial.com. Under the proposed rules, violations of Title IX can result in loss of funding for universities and loss of scholarships, revocation of an earned degree, or expulsion for students.

This proves again that the Left is not seriously interested in women’s rights, paying lip services when it suits socialist men in matters of abortion, divorce, alimony, childcare, and very importantly equality in women’s education on campus, etc.

The message this sends to young girls is savage. You are second-class and always will be.