Was this Putin’s “Declaration of Independence”?

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, delivered a speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Plenary session on June 17, 2022. As with most Russian speeches it has a level of intellectualism we don’t tend to see in western equivalents and while nothing can detract from the fact he’s a pyscho, his observations on fiat currency should resonate with Americans who are being subjected to the Left’s latest tax of massive inflation. In his speech he sounds Reaganesque: lower taxes, take over foreign companies and replace with local ones, less bureaucracy, investment in start-ups, simplified administration, private-government joint ventures. He’s a man on a mission and happy that his war in Ukraine is being funded by the massive hike in gas prices the West continues to buy.

Only powerful and sovereign states can have their say in this emerging world order. Otherwise, they are doomed to become or remain colonies devoid of any rights.

Vladimir Putin