Kanye West Speaks Out on Social Issues – Hellfire Rains Down On Him From Liberal Media

Kanye West – now legally called Ye – told Tucker Carlson in an interview that Trump inspired him to turn towards God in his music, and that his life had been threatened should he come out and publicly support Trump. At his fashion show “White Lives Matter” he and conservative Candace Owens, a hated figure in black identity police, wore matching White Lives Matter sweatshirts. Cue major backlash.

MSNBC blogger Ja’han Jones attacked Kanye West as a “racist hatemonger” Thursday in the wake of the rapper making waves for wearing a shirt that read “White Lives Matter.

West, now legally known as Ye, wore a controversial shirt with conservative commentator Candace Owens at a Paris fashion show for his brand Yeezy on Monday and has endured heavy criticism from the left ever since. 

“The artist formerly known as Kanye West seems to be seeking out a legacy as a racist hatemonger. Let him have it,” Jones wrote in an opinion piece in The ReidOut Blog.

“I have too much self-esteem to idolize Ye because I do not respect him creatively or intellectually,” he said. “I’ve come to recognize he upholds his facade of brilliance in what seems to be an effort to mask his own self-hate and self-loathing.”

The answer to why I wrote White Lives Matter on a shirt is because they do… it’s the obvious thing.

Ye aka Kanye West

West and Owens sported the outrage-inducing apparel during Paris Fashion Week earlier this week, and the fashion designer has been feuding with critics ever since. Ye told Carlson that he asked his father about the shirt, and his father simply responded, “A black man stating the obvious.”

West explained to Carlson how he, as a celebrity and a black man, is expected to stick to the leftist script on political and social issues, and nodded to people like Owens, who speak what they believe regardless of what’s expected of them.

Earlier on Thursday, West promoted Owens’ new documentary on the George Floyd riots and Black Lives Matter coming out October 12. Owens dropped the trailer for the documentary Thursday on Twitter, and West followed up by posting the clip to his nearly 18 million Instagram followers. (Daily Wire)

He didn’t stop there. He went on to flame the liberal media, abortion and obesity.

Also, there’s this.