Meet the Memaws and Papaws targeted by Biden’s DoJ

Eleven pro-life activists have been indicted by Biden’s DOJ for protesting outside an abortion clinic in Tennessee. Meet the Christian memaws and papaws charged as “co-conspirators” now facing up to 11 years in federal prison for a peaceful “blockade” demonstration.

Instead of charging the far-left terrorists who have firebombed numerous pregnancy centers, or the protestors destroying Portland, OR, or pursuing fentanyl dealers, or even investigating the president’s son for corruption, the Department of “Justice” and its armed goons, the FBI, are taking the full might of their power to persecute peaceful, prayerful people who sit on a sidewalk.

Thanks to @MiaCathell on Twitter for putting together this amazingly informative thread.

The guy in the top left is 73-year-old Chester Eugene Gallagher and the FBI agents with “guns drawn” reportedly raided his home after the pro-life leader promoted a series of anti-abortion events last year on social media in the Nashville area and advertised an peaceful protest at an abortion clinic.

Guy in the middle top row, is 61-year-old evangelist and pro-life missionary Calvin John Zastrow who was once arrested for reading the Bible and preaching on a public sidewalk across the street from an abortion clinic.

50-year-old Dr. Coleman Boyd, a pro-life physician indicted by the DOJ for coordinating a peaceful protest at an abortion clinic, frequents facilities to read scripture and dissuade abortion seekers. “That baby is a gift from God.” “This is your son or daughter.” “Let us adopt.”

55-year-old Paul Vaughn of Personhood Tennessee said the scene of the pro-life protest (which the federal charges stem from) was “like church service” with protestors “singing hymns, reading scripture, praying.”

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