In a world full of Germans, be like Sweden: Insane policy kills 430 year old bakery – and tears down wind farm for this…

Welcome to Germany, the completely shattered formerly dominant country desperate to claw its way out of WEF control and Russian subjugation.

Traditional German family companies, in business for generations, are now being forced to close up due to energy scarcity and high prices, mostly brought on by the “Green Revolution” madness.

The latest shocking news comes from the Sinzinger bakery from Otterskirchen near Passau in Lower Bavaria.

“The traditional bakery has been baking since the 16th century – now it has to close down,” reports here. The Sinzinger bakery was even able to survive the nasty Thirty Years’ War, Napoleon, two destructive world wars and numerous technological and economic upheavals, but not Germany’s Green Revolution and the energy shocks it has brought with it.

According to “In 1591, the company received its baker’s right. Now the 430-year-old family bakery must close all of its nine branches by February 2023. The reason is rising energy prices.

Germany, like the US, sits on a mountain of coal. But the WEF gets its way eventually – it hates small businesses, it hates that we’re warm from plentiful resources, it hates that we’re well fed by farmed food – and as we are seeing – what globalists epitomized by the WEF (the UN is complicit as are its components the WHO, the IMF and its war machine in the blue helmets that perpetuates wars by its continued presence.)

Tears down wind turbine to expand coal mine yet still committed to Net Zero

In another story, a wind farm in Germany is being dismantled to expand the Garzweiler lignite mine. One of eight turbines installed at the location in 2001 has already been removed. Nevertheless, the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia said it would phase out coal by 2030, as did RWE, the company that owns the mine.

Wind turbines near the Garzweiler open pit mine in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, run by German energy giant RWE, is being removed to make way for more lignite exploitation.

The turbines were in operation since 2001, and government subsidies have expired. Energiekontor and wpd, which is also active in the Balkans, operate the wind farm.

Meanwhile, in Sweden

New Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson is not heeding to the Green agenda. He promptly eliminated the entire Ministry of Climate and Environment, marking the first time in 35 years that Sweden does not have a specific climate ministry. People are crying that the world will crumble without funding bureaucrats who pretend they have the ability to alter the weather cycle with enough funding.

Klaus Schwab’s plans for Agenda 2030 are in jeopardy. “Environmental issues are going to be given a disadvantage at the same time when we have a huge challenge in Sweden when it comes to biodiversity and forestry,” stated Stockholm University professor Karin Bäckstrand. “We won’t meet the Agenda 2030 goals on biodiversity.”

Democratic leader Ebba Busch will serve as the new Minister for Energy, and 26-year-old Liberal Romina Pourmokhtari will serve as the Minister of Climate and Environment, The Nationalist Sweden Democrats do not support the goal of achieving net zero emissions. (armstrongeconomics)