The Body Does Not Like This Toxin


“The sp**ke prot*in is probably one of the most to*ic pro*eins the human body has ever seen. … If you have long C*VID, you absolutely want to avoid being v*ccin*ted.”

Dr. Paul Marik explains the dangers of a buildup of sp*ke prot*in in the body, from inflammation to autoimmune disease. Dr. Marik is one of the most highly published critical care physicians in the world. He’s a co-founder of the Front Line C*VID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

“If we had adopted, as a number of countries have done, early, widespread, early treatment, we could have controlled and ended this p*ndemic in the middle of 2020,” says Marik. “But they don’t want you to know about this. They want you to stay at home, get sick, and then go to the hospital. It’s an outrage.”

Marik’s views on the corruption of medicine, from the suppression of off-label drugs to the manipulation of safety data to the gaslighting of the v*ccine injured. “I used to think that what you read in the medical journals was the truth… We know now that that’s completely false.”