Chickens Coming Home to Roost: Part 20 – Crimes Against Humanity


Dr. Cole: This is what the Spike Protein does – It’s not good

Dr. Meryl Nass: More Vaccine Deaths Reported to VAERS in the Last 20 Months Than All Vaccines in the Last 30 Years Combined

Listen here, she is astonishing:

“The FDA was instructed by a federal judge to revoke the license … because it had never been shown to be safe or effective,” says Dr. Meryl Nass, referring to regulation of the anthrax vaccine in the late 1990s.
Nass, a physician of internal medicine, began her research into pandemics 30 years ago, with a focus on anthrax vaccines and biological warfare. From the Rhodesian Civil War to the 2009 swine flu, she says she saw a profit-driven push for mass vaccination. In many cases, the public health establishment bypassed adequate testing, and modified or attempted to bury data, she says.
“WHO had changed the pandemic definitions a couple of months before the 2009 swine flu pandemic showed up … so, you didn’t need deaths anymore to trigger these contracts, it could just be a new virus,” says Nass.
Today, Nass is one of many doctors whose medical license is threatened for deviating from official COVID-19 guidelines during the pandemic.
“If all you’re good for is to give patients the government narrative … there’s not going to be any practice of medicine anymore,” says Dr. Nass.

Nuremberg Needed – #CrimesAgainstHumanity

The ignorance of the Government “experts” beggars belief

They made it up. They Lied.

And now they want a pass.