Elon vs AOC – Worth paying $8 for?

Elon Musk is attempting to make Twitter generate some cash to help pay the inflated $44 billion he paid for it. Aside from firing a lot of workers and insisting his staff comes to work he is imposing an optional charge for big users (I’m guilty) of $8 a month to have a better, fewer ads, more related content experience.

AOC who is a “blue check marked” user, which until now has been free, immediately called him out for charging for free speech.

Elon came back

The Twitter verse went mental and it was interesting to see that today’s Left are pissed that Twitter is a privately owned company. Just as it was when Jack Dorsey ran it and shut down President Trump – to massive applause. Dinesh reminded them of the good old days when they defended billionaires operating social media platforms.