“Do, not Have” Gifting: 4 ways to gift experiences that make more memories this holiday season

(BPT) – The holidays are approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. Gift-giving can be tricky, especially if it’s not your strength. Finding the perfect gift that will thrill in the moment and last past the holiday season can be frustrating.

Instead of gifting the latest toy, fashion trend or home gadget, consider giving the gift of an experience. When you give the gift of an experience, you’re providing opportunities for the recipient to make memories that will last longer than any fad or gadget.

Check out these four experiential gift ideas you can use to up your gift-giving game this holiday season.

1. Learn a new skill together

Have you always wanted to learn how to ski? Or have your kids begged for guitar lessons? Maybe your spouse is interested in learning pottery, or Grandpa has mentioned an interest in woodworking.

Try something new and take a class together this holiday season. If your family enjoys the activity, it could become a tradition you all look forward to each year. Even if you only try an activity once and decide it’s not for you, you’ll still have the memory of trying something new with the people you love.

2. Take a trip

It’s fun to get away with the whole family during the holiday season. Maybe find a resort where everything is insulated from the elements like Kalahari Resorts or Great Wolf Lodge. Maybe it’s a cabin in the woods or an all-inclusive someplace warm! Once you find the perfect spot, you can turn a family trip into an annual holiday tradition where you continue to make memories year after year.

3. Buy a family membership

If you’ve wanted to spend more time exploring local museums, zoos, live theaters or other attractions close to home, consider buying a family membership. Not only are you more likely to go if you’ve already paid for a membership, but you can use it immediately and start making memories during the holidays. Best of all, you can continue to visit throughout the year and make memories year-round. I have done this for a local natural history museum and I take people all the time! – Kelly)

4. Encourage experiences with gift cards

Gift cards don’t need to be limited to retail stores and restaurants. Take note of your family members’ interests and buy them gift cards that support and encourage exploration. For example, if your youngest is a budding film critic, get them a gift card to your local movie theater. Give Grandma and Grandpa a gift card to the local museum or your spouse a membership to a yoga or Pilates studio.

Another great gift card idea is to gift a getaway the whole family can enjoy. Kalahari Resorts gift cards give younger family members a way to spend independently during their vacation. For parents and other adult family members, they can treat themselves to a relaxing spa treatment or add a private cabana to their trip. No matter how the recipient decides to spend a gift card to an experience, you’re giving them the means to make more memories and add an extra special touch to an already memorable vacation. To learn more, visit KalahariResorts.com.

Elevate your gift-giving this holiday season. Using these four ideas, you can gift your family and friends experiences that create memories that will last a lifetime. After all, the holiday season is about spending time with our loved ones.