Follow the Money: The White House State Dinner and the Maine Lobster

We have long argued that the definition of a leftist is the ability to hold mutually-exclusive thoughts simultaneously. Oh, and that the rules don’t apply to them. Here we have both.

This week Joe threw a party for Emmanuel Macron, the WEF stooge who is also president of France. He pulled out all the stops and created his own Versailles on the lawn to seat the 300-strong, celebrity-studded guest list.

Only the best for Macron, Dr. Jill oversaw delivery of 200 Maine lobsters, without argument a fine American delicacy.

But doesn’t the left hate Maine Lobsters because of the declining numbers of right whales? It doesn’t matter that the Maine lobstermen are paragons of sustainability and good husbandry – the eco-nuts have declared them Enemy No. 1. Billionaire Bezos has even banned their catch from the Birkenstock-wearers favorite grocery store, Whole Foods. This has impacted fragile fishing communities along the Maine coast.

As usual, this is posturing and virtue signaling. There is no science at all to back this up.

Oh but wait, let’s follow the money. The other econuts obsession. Wind farms. Do you see it yet?