Another “Conspiracy Theory” Turns Out to be a Spoiler Alert

When we warned about facial recognition software being used for illegitimate means, this is exactly the sort of thing we were talking about. When people are personally targeted – for any reason, we need to ask piercing questions: Are they on a list of offenders, terrorists or wanted criminals?

In this case, technology was used by a person in power with a gripe. It happened in a corporate setting which is bad. But just imagine if this were something less trivial than a concert. Imagine you are admitted to hospital but the facial recognition system reveals you haven’t done something the government mandates, or you’re on a blacklist and they deny you treatment. Or you want to get on a plane and the IRS says you can’t because you haven’t settled that 2020 tax bill?

Bergen County mom Kelly Conlon brought her daughter’s Girl Scout troop to see the world-famous Rockettes kick up their heels but got kicked out of Radio City instead.

Conlon, who also happens to be a civil attorney with Davis, Saperstein & Salomon in Teaneck, said facial recognition technology alerted staff to her presence.

So while the girls enjoyed the Christmas Spectacular last month, the Wyckoff mom was left out in the cold – and rain — even though she had a legit ticket.

“They said my firm was on the attorney exclusion list and escorted me out,” Conlon, 44, told The New York Post.

Davis, Saperstein & Salomon is representing a woman injured nine years ago at a restaurant owned by MSG Entertainment, founding partner Sam Davis. And although Conlon is not involved on the case, this is a grudge attack. The Gotham-born billionaire apparently has a standing order that bans anyone who works for a law firm representing plaintiffs against his Knicks, Rangers and facilities such as Radio City, the Garden and the Beacon Theater. (Daily Voice)