A Manta ray shaped city for scientists

The Manta ray shaped vessel, City of Meriens looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and is designed to sail all around the world with thousands living on board.

Rougerie, who builds underwater habitats, labs, marine research centers and other sub-aquatic vessels, combined his passion for the sea with his love of architecture to develop the City of Meriens. The nearly 3,000-foot-long proposed structure is designed in the shape of a manta ray, an outline that is both relevant and functional. 

“Considering the dimension and size of the international scientific community – 7,000 people spread on the entire structure – I designed the City of Meriens in the form of a manta ray because it was the best design to accommodate such a community with regards [to] the best possible correlation between space and stability needs,” said Rougerie. 

With a height of almost 200 feet and the lowest level measuring a depth of around 400 feet, the floating city would have the capacity to house the population projected by Roguerie throughout several levels that feature an assortment of lecture halls, classrooms, labs, living areas and cultural relaxation and sports zones. 

“People would come [from] all over the world – it’s an international city governed by United Nations standards. It’s destined for researchers, academics and students who wish to explore and study the ocean,” said Rougerie. “It also welcomes observers and anyone with the passion for the ocean. The City of Meriens is open for all the countries of the world, so each nation could have access to the ocean’s scientific resources.”

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