Cobalt Mines – Where Corporate Ethics Go To Die

Of the 255,000 Congolese mining for cobalt, 40,000 are children, some as young as six years old. A typical 1,000lbs EV battery contains 60lbs of cobalt.

As most of the references below come from Twitter, also owned by Tesla, an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer owned by Elon Musk, I looked up Tesla’s cobalt usage. Apparently most Teslas sold now use LFP batteries, which contain zero cobalt. In the 4680 and 2170 cells, Tesla has utilized nickel to significantly reduce the amount of cobalt needed.

That these cruel manual mining techniques, practiced in the Democratic Republic of Congo and encouraged by the Chinese, are permitted in the third millennium reveals that for all their grandstanding and virtue signaling, mega corporations, smug environmentalists, and global elites couldn’t give two figs for the common man. The workers include children and slaves and are paid 1$ a day to work to death in excruciating conditions to deliver cobalt for a variety of industrial needs.

Take away the car subsidies and the slave labor – how much would these cars cost? Would they be worth the money? Or the blood spilled and young lives ruined?

US Cobalt – Ethical