De Santis fights back – By using existing law


    One thing you can depend upon in Congress is their belief that we always need, “just one more law”. And yet enforcement is never budgeted for nor encouraged.

    In Florida, the Governor is of a different view. His Department of Economic Opportunity is threatening to suspend licenses for businesses that to show proof of E-Verify compliance, an official list that screens for illegal immigrants who are not legally recognized by the system. People here legally have registered, have a SSN for paying taxes and are legitimate.

    This push comes as part of its greater effort to protect Florida residents and their jobs as the nation faces a mass immigration crisis on the southern border.

    The DEO sent this letter to several businesses, flagging the various companies for “repeat non-responsiveness” to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

    This is the way to ensure that people here legally are able to work and contribute to society, while discouraging the illegal migrants from by-passing the proper system.