How zealots control the “science” and inflict unimaginable damage on kids


The gender dysphoria and trans debate flooding every media platform is part of a bigger political push to make every act acceptable if it “feels” right. Another triumph for moral relativism and another kick in the nuts for morality. Here’s an interesting thread which plays through recent attempts by the obsessed left to mutilate kids, and how voices speaking out against the practices they use are silenced, and mistakes covered up.

I copied the thread for you in case you can’t read it through on Twitter. It’s a savage indictment of the quackery surrounding gender dysphoria. The links are better in the Twitter feed but you’ll get the gist of it.


@JamesCantorPhD, author of the peer-reviewed fact check of the Jason Rafferty @AmerAcadPeds 2018 guidelines on pediatric medicine, offered to debate Rafferty or anyone else at the AAP on this issue. He was ignored.

@JuliaMasonMD1 and other courageous pediatricians have been begging the AAP for a more systematic review of the evidence for years now. They’ve been routinely shut down and their voices silenced.

A Pediatric Association Stifles Debate on Gender Dysphoria

Opinion | A Pediatric Association Stifles Debate on Gender Dysphoria

Doctors who question the orthodoxy won’t be allowed to set up a booth at its annual conference.

When the actions of U.S. medical organizations were finally put under public scrutiny…

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Dubious Transgender Science

Opinion | The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Dubious Transgender Science

As other countries turn away from hormones and surgery, the AAP won’t even allow a debate.

The leaders of these institutions, rather than welcoming debate and dissent as a vital part of the scientific process and as essential to medical progress, called anyone who doesn’t toe the ideological line “transphobic.”

Academy of Pediatrics Responds on Trans Treatment for Kids Opinion | Academy of Pediatrics Responds on Trans Treatment for Kids

To ‘affirm’ a child or teen means destigmatizing gender variance and promoting the child’s self-worth.

Meanwhile, under pressure from your ACLU, schools across the country are socially transitioning kids without the knowledge of their parents or against their consent, despite health authorities in other countries calling this practice dangerous.…

Operating under a guise of kindness & “civil rights,” schools put children whose behaviors would until recently have been considered mere nonconformity onto a pathway to pituitary gland shutdown, synthetic hormone flooding, & irreversible surgeries.

A picture containing text, outdoor, book, groupDescription automatically generated The School-to-Clinic Pipeline | City Journal

New rules from the Biden administration will worsen gender-related distress in children.

Parents who raise concerns about the health and wellbeing of their children are bullied into submission with the lie–recognized as such by doctors and researchers in other countries–that if they don’t submit, their kids will kill themselves.

Dr. Riitta Kaltiala, chief psychiatrist at Finland’s Tampere U gender clinic and top expert in the country, recently told Finland’s liberal newspaper of note that the “transition or suicide” discourse is “purposeful disinformation” and that “spreading it is irresponsible.”

The Biden administration takes its marching orders from an ideological-activist-group-cum-medical-organization that now recognizes “eunuch” as a childhood “gender identity.” The assistant secretary for HHS repeats discredited talking points about “medical necessity” and suicide.

Meanwhile, lawyers at “civil liberties” organizations whose historic mission has been to protect and promote free speech and public debate invoke academic queer theory and vow to “die on hills” in order to “stop the circulation” of books like 

@AbigailShrier‘s Irreversible Damage.

The one corrective mechanism to the dangerous ideological takeover of medicine–open, honest, good faith, rational, evidence-based debate–is dismantled by the very organizations charged with protecting it.

So yes, the tide is turning, and not a moment too soon. Let this be a lesson, Chase. You cannot ride the wave of totalitarian politics when it suits you and then cry “fascism” when parents, doctors, researchers, journalists, and concerned citizens begin to resist.

We would all prefer that “legislatures not practice medicine,” that medical protocols be devised and implemented by medical professional in a responsible, evidence-based way. But you have helped to make that impossible, and now you must live with the consequences.