Why Putin Has Pulled Crack Unit Out of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is pulling mercenaries from Russia’s notorious Wagner Group out of Ukraine over fears from the Kremlin that they are becoming ‘too powerful’, and a threat to Putin.

The squad, which consists of 50,000 troops, have been a key part of Russia’s horrific invasion of Ukraine – fighting in the east of the war-torn nation. It appears that Putin is much more concerned about his own position in power. Wagner was recruits many convicted criminals. His soldiers will reportedly be replaced by up to 300,000 regular Russian troops to fight in Ukraine.

While Prigozhin and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov are allies of Putin, they are said to be becoming increasingly more powerful, says the Daily Mail.

Both them, as well as Russian General Sergey Surovikin – who was recently demoted – are also suspected as possible plotters against Putin, the Mirror reports. Russia expert Bruce Jones told the paper that President Putin and Prigozhin have been ‘very close contacts and allies for decades’. He added: ‘This appears to be a parting of the way after Prigozhin had been openly critical, even abusive to senior military figures in the regular forces.’