One year on – A recap of the Ukrainian Invasion

Since 24 February 2022, fierce battlegrounds have been forged, with fighting ongoing in the east and south, and parts of Ukraine under Moscow’s control.

From the US

From the UK


  • The U.N. General Assembly has today passed a nonbinding resolution that calls for Russia to end hostilities and withdraw from its neighbor on the eve of the first anniversary of Moscow’s invasion. A total of 141 countries voted for, and six joined Russia to vote against and 32 abstentions.
  • Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska insisted Ukraine will not mark the first anniversary of the Russian invasion today – but a year of successful resistance
  • Professor Michael Clarke, Sky News security analyst, said Russia “will not lose” if China decides to supply the country with weaponry.

The Year in view – Warning Contains Upsetting Images

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