Putin Makes Terrifying Announcement on 1st Anniversary of invading Ukraine

Every year on February 23, Russia celebrates an important public holiday – Defender of the Fatherland Day. This year, it’s a bit different as it has been exactly one year since Putin invaded Ukraine expecting to occupy its territory within weeks.

In a speech to the people, the Russian president also noted that the entire Russian people are the defenders of the Fatherland. He added that right now in the historical territories of Russia there is a battle for our people, and today the whole country supports them.


He ramped up the military threats: “As before, we will pay increased attention to strengthening the nuclear triad.”

The Russian president said the Sarmot silo-based intercontinental ballistic missiles would be deployed this year. In addition to the ballistic missiles, Putin said Russia would continue mass production of the air-based hypersonic Kinzhal systems, as well as sea-based Zircon hypersonic missiles.

Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile – aka “Satan 2”

He said: “With the adoption of the Borei-A nuclear-powered submarine project ‘Emperor Alexander III’ into the navy, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the naval strategic nuclear forces will reach one hundred percent.

Putin also said Russia would develop all parts of it’s conventional armed forces, improve training, add advanced equipment, bolster the arms industry and promote soldiers who had proven themselves in the battle with Ukraine.

“A modern, efficient army and navy are a guarantee of the country’s security and sovereignty, a guarantee of its stable development and its future,” Putin said.

“Therefore, we will continue to pay priority attention to strengthening our defence capability.”