IRONY & UPDATE: CCP donated $1 million to this US High School to help Chinese Military!

Remember the school we showed you the documentary about? The one that used equity to discriminate against clever Asian students?

RECAP: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax, Virginia, is consistently ranked the best public high school in the country. It is free to attend, but students must used to have to pass a rigorous exam. Now admittance is race-based. Watch the movie here.

According to a bombshell report, TJHS, one of the nation’s most prestigious STEM school has taken over $1 million in funding from communist Chinese-affiliated organizations. (That High Schools can receive foreign donations is amazing!)

The prestigious school partnered with Tsinghua University High School (TUHS) in 2014 to assist it and China generally with adopting the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and advanced lab research TJHSST is famous for. TUHS is closely tied to Tsinghua University, considered by the Pentagon to be a Chinese military university. Washington Examiner

An investigation conducted by parents’ rights organization Parents Defending Education uncovered that Thomas Jefferson High School in Fairfax County, Virginia has received “over $1,000,000 worth of donations from Chinese interests since 2014.”

The STEM-focused public school, which is consistently ranked as one of the top high schools in the nation, has taken money from three Chinese-affiliated groups over the last decade: Shirble HK, Tsinghua University (Beijing) and the Ameson Foundation through its “Thomas Jefferson Partnership Fund” (TJPF).

Parents Defending Education (PDE) stated, “The Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation (Ameson) is a ‘non-profit, non-governmental organization headquartered in DC that is dedicated to promoting cultural exchange and educational cooperation between China and the rest of the world.’”

The report quoted Ameson representatives, who claimed that the high school “committed to assist Ameson as it embarks on launching its first STEM high school in China.” As the document revealed, Ameson donated over $250,000 to TJ’s campaign.

Apparently, TJHS is prepared to help Asian students in China – but discriminate against them in the US. Very equitable.

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