Environment news: From Lake Tahoe to depleted uranium.


Cue pivot from Climate Change to Climate Chaos as South Lake Tahoe freezes over for the first time since the early 1990s. That’s not a long time in climate terms so let’s not draw too many conclusions, right?

Happy penguins AND polar bears

No, we won’t starve because of climate change

But depleted uranium probably won’t help

The UK is sending shells containing depleted uranium to Ukraine for use against Russian tanks. Apparently depleted uranium hardens steel. Although the full extent of soil contamination to the fertile Ukraine farming region is unknown, there are concerns that the conflict will cause long-lasting damage to the country’s agricultural productivityUkraine is one of the world’s most important producers and exporters of cereals and oilseeds, including corn, wheat, barley and sunflower oil. The widespread pollution caused by the conflict also threatens local wildlife and the health of communities who are at risk of eating contaminated crops.

The UN and Ukraine and many others are concerned that depleted uranium in the soil and atmosphere will cause cancer in locals and babies. They should take comfort from the CDC who are utterly dismissive of the threat from uranium. Check this out. They don’t see a problem here! Move along!

Although the Military is a little more concerned