Even the Saudis mock Biden (they nail Kamala, though!)

About a year ago this Saudi show launched its impersonations of Joe and Kamala. (Actually making Kamala more on the ball than she is in real life, lol.). Sleepy Joe is all over the place in this skit and Kamala has to help him out – a lot.

Possibly signaling a fracture in Saudi-US relations, the team is back. This time Joe is wandering aimlessly and falling up the air steps to Air Force One. We have to hand it to them, they nailed the Kamala character.

The Middle East Broadcasting Center, known as MBC Group is now based in Rhiyad. It is nominally owned by Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, a Saudi Arabian businessman, and its founder and chairman. However, it appears that fifty percent of the MBC is owned by King Fahd’s youngest son and his nephew, Abdulaziz bin Fahd. It is further reported that Prince Abdulaziz controls the ideology of the MBC Channels, including Al Arabiya, its flagship station. It’s worth noting that the organization moved from Dubai in 2018 following an unfortunate series of events a year earlier.

From Wikipedia: In 2017, a number of owners and board members of MBC were summoned to Riyadh where they were arrested, accused of corruption, and locked in the Ritz-Carlton. These moves came following years of the Saudi Crown Prince attempting to purchase the media company. After 83 days the company’s chief owner Waleed al-Ibrahim was released.