Taiwan on high alert after Chinese warships do this


    China has deployed warships and aircraft near Taiwan for a second day and imposed sanctions amid anger in Beijing over this week’s meeting between the self-ruled island’s President Tsai Ing-wen and US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

    Three Chinese warships sailed in waters surrounding the island, which China claims as its own, while a fighter jet and an anti-submarine helicopter also crossed the island’s air defence identification zone, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence said on Friday. Al Jazeera

    In August 2022, China displayed a significant military presence by sending warships, missiles, and fighter jets to patrol the airspace and waters surrounding Taiwan. This move was in response to a visit by Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker to the island. Despite initially planning to visit Taiwan himself, McCarthy, the third most senior politician in the US, decided to meet with Tsai in California instead.

    And it’s not just around Taiwan

    Strange things are happening across the entire South China Seas.