WATCH: Alligator body-slams a python!


The Everglades in Florida are home to many interesting species. The indigenous alligator thrives in the “River of Glass” but so does the Burmese python. 

It’s an invasive species that has been causing significant ecological damage in the Everglades National Park and surrounding areas in Florida. These large snakes were introduced to the area as pets, but many were released or escaped and have now established a thriving population.

The pythons have been preying on native species, including small mammals, birds, and reptiles, which has resulted in a decline in these populations. They also compete with native predators such as alligators for prey, potentially disrupting the entire food chain.

Efforts to control the python population have included hunting and trapping programs. The even went so far as to hire traditonal snake hunters from India , but the problem remains widespread. The introduction of these non-native species highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership and preventing the spread of invasive species.