FBI targeting Catholics


You cannot make this up.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now infiltrating Catholic churches.  Not sure what they think they will find, but those radicalized Catholics seem to now be a problem.  They might do some really nasty stuff like pray for your soul.  Or maybe feed the homeless.  Or raise money for a statue or a shelter.

Whatever it is, the FBI is on it.

Chinese spies dating California Congressmen are OK in their book.  But those troublesome Catholics need watching.

I know a bit about this from the church side.  One of the Catholic churches in our diocese was targeted a few years ago by a group that did not have our best interests in mind.  The local police were alerted and between them, Homeland Security and some other law enforcement types, the potential terrorists realized they were outed and melted away.

That is what real potential terrorists look like.  Not the regular Sunday worshippers.

I long for the days of J Edgar Hoover and Eliot Ness when federal law enforcement went after the real bad guys.