Elon Musk destroys BBC interviewer


Fascinating! A BBC interviewer called James Clayton pulled off the coup of the year when he asked Elon Musk, the owner of the social media platform, T(w)itter (Musk is messing with the name right now), for an interview. It did not go as expected by the government-funded broadcaster. In fact, the technology reporter was handed his head on a platter.

The interview ran live on Twitter Spaces and the BBC channel and was watched by three million people. The ineptness of the reporters is plain to see. He came seriously unprepared to deal with one of the sharpest brains on the planet. Musk absolutely obliterated him on the subject of hate speech and misinformation on Twitter, turning the tables on him.

Our favourite part? 

Elon: “Does the BBC hold itself responsible for misinformation about masking or vaccines side effects?” BBC interviewer “This is not an interview about the BBC”.

Some shorter clips!