Hunter Biden as you’ve never seen him before!

If you can give me a rational, legal and moral explanation for this I have a bridge to sell you.


Former US attorney general William Barr said that Hunter Biden, son of president Joe Biden, is likely to face “serious charges” owing to a Department of Justice (DOJ) probe. The years-long investigation into Hunter Biden for alleged tax offenses and making false statements while purchasing a firearm could result in DOJ officials “nearing a charging decision” in the case, William Barr said. 

The ex-attorney general also said that the case is likely taking a longer time because the tax case against Hunter Biden is “complicated” and requires working with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). 

Hunter Biden is also facing legal scrutiny from House Republicans over his foreign business dealings as GOP lawmakers said that he has business dealings with foreign companies, including some associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because of which he should face investigations over alleged corruption.

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